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Carousel Center is easy to reach from all directions. If you are traveling from the:

NORTH - Take I-81 South to Exit 23B (Carousel Center Drive)
SOUTH - Take I-81 North to Exit 23 (Hiawatha Blvd)
EAST - Take 690 West to I-81 North to Exit 23 (Hiawatha Blvd)
WEST - Take 690 East to Exit 8 (Hiawatha Blvd)
NYS Thruway - Take I-90 to Exit 36 (I-81). Follow above directions from the North.


Welcome to Carousel Center

Carousel Center is centrally located at the crossroads of New York State, conveniently positioned near the intersection of interstates I-81 and I-90 (NYS thruway). The Center is situated just three miles from downtown Syracuse and is easily accessible by any mode of transportation. Central New York’s Hancock Airport is less than ten minutes away and The William F. Walsh Regional Transportation Center, a hub for AmTrack, Greyhound and Adirondack Trailways is a short walk.


To see what is being planned for the future of Carousel Center please visit DestiNY USA at


Contact Info

Questions and Information: 315.466.7000

Customer Service Desk is located on the first level underneath the Carousel, near the Yellow Carousel Entrance
Robert Schoeneck : General Manager -
Rose Hapanowich : Marketing Director -
Tim Erwin : Security Director -
Brandon Munger : Operations Manager -



Shopping Packages

Shopping packages are now available at Carousel Center. Why not enhance your visit to Carousel Center by purchasing one of our new shopping packages full of special offers, amenities and souvenirs of your visit? For additional information on how to "Shop and Play" or "Shop and Dine" please visit this site.


Wheelchairs and Electric Scooters

Wheelchairs and electric scooters are available for our guests to use free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis. They are located at the Customer Service Desk on the 1st Level, underneath the Carousel. The closest entry point is the Yellow Carousel entrance. We do require a form of collateral that will be returned to you when the wheelchair or electric scooter is returned to the Customer Service Desk. Acceptable forms of collateral are a Driver's License, major credit card or $25.00 cash deposit. The wheelchair or electric scooter must be returned to the Customer Service Desk prior to the Center closing (9:30pm Monday-Saturday and 6:00pm Sunday). For further information please call the Customer Service Desk at 315-466-7000.


SmarteCartes (Strollers)

SmarteCartes are available for rent at our three main entrances:


Single strollers are available at the Red Race Horse Entrance (bus stop), located on the 1st Level near Kaufmanns, the White Commons Entrance or the Yellow Carousel Entrance. You may return the single strollers to any of the three locations. They are $5.00 each to rent and you will receive $1.00 back when you return them.


Double Strollers are only available at the Yellow Carousel Entrance and must be returned there. Double strollers are $7.00 each and you will receive $1.00 back when you return them.


Mall Walkers

Walking has quickly become one of America's most popular forms of exercise because it is safe, simple and inexpensive. Almost anyone can walk, regardless of age, lifestyle or physical condition. A regular program of brisk walking is beneficial in preventing or managing health problems.


Join your friends and neighbors at Carousel Center for healthful walking at your own pace in climate controlled comfort. Exercise by walking a measured course before stores open (7 am - 10:00 am Monday through Saturday; 7 am - 11 am Sunday) and at your convenience. You can increase your fitness in the company of your friends. For the convenience of our Mallwalkers we open the Yellow Carousel Entrance at 7am daily.



If your organization is interested in scheduling a special event, awareness campaign or fundraiser at Carousel Center, please email: for information regarding rules and regulations. Liability insurance is required from any group interested in being considered to hold an event at Carousel Center.

Parental Escort Policy

Carousel Center has instituted a Parental Escort Policy on Fridays and Saturdays between the hours of 4pm and closing.


Anyone under the age of 18 visiting Carousel Center must be accompanied by a parent or guardian 21 years of age or older. One parent or guardian (21 years of age or older) is permitted to supervise up to five teens. Teens must remain within the company of their parent or guardian. Acceptable proof of age is a driver's license, state/provincial non-driver ID, military or college ID, passport or visa.


This policy does not apply to the cinemas or stores with exterior entrances.


Cinema patrons under the age of 18 are asked to use the Yellow Carousel Entrance, when the policy is in effect.


Thank you for your cooperation.


Mall Policies: Carousel Center Code of Conduct

Behavior Code

In order to provide an enjoyable shopping environment, and for the safety and convenience of our shoppers, visitors and employees, the following Behavior Code will be in effect at all times for all guests and visitors of the shopping center. Anyone who violates the behavior code may be banned from the property and/or prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Mall management has the right to amend the behavior code at any time.

Download our Behavior Code (PDF)


Carousel Center is Open for the Purpose of Shopping

Appropriate behavior is required at all times. Fighting, horseplay, harassment, offensive language, shouting, loud noise, littering, solicitation, or any illegal activities are not allowed on mall property. Mall management has the right to prohibit groups from congregating or walking in a manner that obstructs or hinders shoppers or mall visitors.


Safe and Convenient Shopping

Pets are not allowed on the premises except for service animals that aid the physically challenged. Exceptions may be made for pets being taken to pet stores or photography sessions.


Please Walk

For your safety and the safety of our customers you may not run, skate or use a skateboard on mall property. You may not ride bicycles on sidewalks or in the interior of the mall.


Please Dress Appropriately

To promote the shopping center atmosphere, customers, guests and employees shall be fully clothed. The wearing of apparel which is likely to provoke a disturbance or embroil other groups or the general public in open conflict is prohibited.


No Weapons Allowed

The possession of any weapon, unless authorized by local, state, or federal statue, is prohibited.


Smoking and Alcohol

Carousel Center is a smoke free facility. The consumption of alcohol is permitted in licensed premises only.


Parking is for Guests and Visitors

The parking area is private property and is intended for the use of mall guests, visitors and employees. Vehicles must be parked in legal designated spaces. Violators are subject to tickets and/or towing. Unauthorized overnight parking is not permitted and is also subject to towing.


We Support Education

In accordance with school attendance laws, and in support of education, children of 6 to 16 years of age are not permitted on mall property during school hours, unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


Have a pleasant shopping experience!

A Carousel Rich In History

Carousel No. 18
Philadelphia Toboggan Company - 1909
Carousel Center - 1990


Carousel No. 18 was the eighteenth carousel ever made by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company (PTC). Originally carved and manufactured in 1909 in Germantown, Pennsylvania, PTC No. 18 had an eighty one year journey before finally coming to Carousel Center on October 15, 1990.


The 42 horses on PTC No. 18 were all hand-carved by Leo Zoller, PTC's master carver. According to company records, it took a year to complete the carving, for which Mr. Zoller was paid $1,000.


The carousel was then shipped to amusement parks in Louisville, Kentucky; Worcester, Massachusetts; and Erie, Pennsylvania.


In the mid-1920's, Carousel No.18 was sent back to the Philadelphia Toboggan Company to be repaired and redecorated, using the very bright, contrasting colors that were typical of the era.


In 1926, after refurbishing, it was brought to Long Branch Park in Syracuse, New York, where it stayed for fifteen years (even after the park closed in 1938).


In 1941, it was purchased for Roseland Park in Canandaigua, New York.


PTC No. 18 was Roseland's third carousel and its last. It ran at Roseland for 43 years until the park closed forever, on Labor Day - September 2, 1985.


Two weeks later, on September 16th, a park-wide auction climaxed with the selling of the 76-year old carousel.


Carousel Auctions

At carousel auctions, there is usually an attempt to keep the carousel intact: after each piece has been sold individually to the highest bidders at the sale, the auctioneers total up all the final bids and add 20% to the total. The entire carousel is then offered up for bid at this price.


Roseland Park's carousel - the original PTC No. 18 - was saved by the Pyramid Companies of Syracuse, New York, who purchased the entire ride for $397,500.


Bringing Back The Beauty

It took nearly two years to restore PTC No. 18 to its original beauty. All the horses had to be stripped of their many coats of paint, then repaired, primed, repainted in their original 1909 colors, and varnished.


Every picture had to be professionally cleaned and restored, and new, wide-planked oak flooring had to be made, along with all new brass poles and fixtures.


The mechanism that turns the carousel had to be totally rebuilt, including recasting the metal gears, joints and jumping poles. The entire carousel was then rewired with a new, up-to-code electrical system, and its hundreds of lights were replaced.


The band organ, which was barely operating, had to be completely taken apart and overhauled. New components had to be created, lost connections had to be found, and the complicated instrument had to be tuned.


A new center housing enclosure for the band organ, the center pole and the motor had to be built, and then decorated with mirrors, flowers and gold leaf - and all the work had to be done by hand.


It was a painstaking project, but it was worth it. All colors, materials and details in this carousel are faithful to the 1909 original. In all respects, it is an authentic restoration of American folk art of which the community can be very proud.


Since 1909, Carousel No. 18 from the Philadelphia Toboggan Company has brought joy and laughter to four generations of families, sweethearts and children.


Facts & Figures:

  • Carousel No. 18 has 42 horses, arranged three abreast, in 16 groups.
  • Thirty-eight of the horses are "jumpers" rather than "standers," which means they move up and down instead of being stationary.
  • The outside-row horses are called the carousel's "lead" horses and, because they are the most visible, they are more lavishly decorated than the middle- and inside-row horses.
  • The outside-row lead horses are the biggest horses on the carousel. Carved from solid wood, each one weighs about 225 pounds. Middle-row horses weigh about 150 pounds each. Inside-row horses are the smallest and weigh about 100 pounds each.
  • The center pole of the carousel stands between 25 and 26 feet high, and the entire carousel from the platform up - is suspended from the center pole.
  • The carousel is 54-feet in diameter, and it weighs nearly 30 tons!


For Safety's Sake:

  • Small children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Do not get on or off the carousel while it is moving.
  • Wait until it has come to a full stop.
  • Please use the metal crossbar "stirrup" on the base beneath each horse to mount and dismount; do not step on the horses' legs, tails, etc. as they will break.
  • No eating, drinking or smoking on the carousel.
  • Please purchase tokens at the ticket booth; carousel conductors cannot accept cash.
  • This carousel is over 100 years old. Please treat it with love and respect.


Thank you!
Happy Riding!

The vast majority of entrances are ADA accessible with ample parking distributed throughout the site. Thank you for shopping at Carousel Center.


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